A Powerful Book with a Powerful Purpose

Life is a collection of all the good, the extraordinary, the ordinary and the heartbreak in our lives. Gather As You Go is a collection of 300+ short wisdoms learned from the life of Carol Lavin Bernick. The goal of sharing is to pass along learnings to help others and in turn inspire others to do the same.


Excelling in leadership is a life-long pursuit. It requires accountability to oneself, to others, and to our business (and life) endeavors. Our leadership wisdoms are founded in practical work experiences, honesty, positive communication, and empowering others.

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Life has a way of challenging us and rebuilding us all at the same time. In our life section, we explore the lessons life teaches us about family, love, loss, resilience and our responsibility to carry on.

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Donating is easy, but making an impact is the true challenge. Our purpose wisdoms draw upon lessons learned through board leadership, commitment to the community, and creating philanthropy that truly makes a difference.

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Celebrations and Home

Create a comfortable, loving home and create celebrations that share true joy with people we love.

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